Battary Weight

Officina RC is excited to announce the release of its “Universal Battery Plate LCG” designed to get the most out of the new generation batteries.

In the last year all the most important batteries providers focussed in the development of products with reduced weight lowering the center balance in order to have the best performances. This weight reduction has instead created the need to add additional weight to the model to reach the allowed weight and to balance the model. Officina RC has created this Battery Plate of 0,6mm that weights 32gr to use under the batteries. The Officina RC Battery plate LCG balances the model without loosing the beneficial performance of the LCG batteries. The Battery Plate LCS could be fixed directly on the chassis or on the batteries with tape.
officinarc battery weight


Size 135 x 46mm

Height 0.6mm

Weight 32 Gr