Optional for Xray

Titanium Ball Stud 4.9mm grade 5

for XRAY

Titanium to ensure the best possible product on the market.

The titanium used is of the highest quality and is practically indestructible. Thanks to the quality of the material used, strength is also increased, saving 42% of weight.

OFC-49-3 – (x2) – 3mm

OFC-49-4 – (x2) – 4mm

OFC-49-6 – (x2) – 6mm

OFC-49-8 – (x2) – 8mm

OFC-49-10 – (x2) – 10mm

OfficinaRC “UFS” Titamium are made in various sizes and available in kit for the Xray X4

The kit consist of:
3 Ball Stud 4.9mm x 4mm
8 BullStud 4.9mm x 8mm
1 BullStud 4.9mm x 10mm
2 BullStud 4.2mm x 4mm


  • Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium.
  • 42% lighter than the kit steel ball studs.
  • Broached with a 2mm allen head on top of the ball
  • Package includes (2) Titanium Ball Studs
  • Available in two-piece kits or in kits.
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