Optional for Xray

Titanium Upperdeck Screw

for Xray X4

Make your car unique

OfficinaRC keeps working hard on some option parts and is proud to present his brand new grade 5 titanium screw, machined from solid for the Xray X4.

OfficinaRC is pleased to present the new screws machined from solid in titanium for the Xray X4. This titanium screw replaces the original screws (301158) and they’re used to set torsion of Xray X4 top deck . These replacement titanium screws improve strength and endurance thanks to their high quality material.

OFC-X4-UPP – (x2)

Titanium 'Ti-6AI4V'

Ti-6Al4V is the most widely used titanium alloy in the motorsport and aerospace market. This alloy contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Is an excellent combination of endurance to efforts and toughness, with extra resistance to corrosion.

> Lightness (density 4.43g / cm3)

> High specific breaking load (225.73 MPa / (g / cm3) per unit of density) (breaking load 1000 Mpa)

> Biocompatibility

> Low thermal and electrical conductivity

> Corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance

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