Optional for Xray

Titanium Upper Arm Ball 4.9mm Grade 5

for Xray X4

There are 2 types of racers, those who are satisfied and those who want the best.

Officina expands its line dedicated to the second category, those who are always looking for the best. We are happy to present the new 4.9mm Titanium Upper Arm Balls for the new Xray X4. Machined from solid titanium, 100% made in Italy, they will save you 40% of weight from the original one and will give a unique and precious touch to your car. Thanks to the titanium it will significantly reduce the masses of weight at the highest point of the car, making it more robust, in a point exposed to shocks. This piece replaces the original 303232. Dedicated to those looking for the best.

OFC-UP-49-X4 – (x2)

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