Alu Smart Shim 3×6 Kit (50)

Make your life easier

The Smart Shim Kits contain all the measures needed to set up your model.

The kits are made up of ten pieces per size and are housed in a practical plastic box.

OfficinaRC is synonymous with quality, obsessive attention to details and continuous research. Now you will no longer have any doubts about which size it is, at a glance you will be able to recognize the fitted size and, above all, you will no longer need a caliper.


The goal of OfficinaRC is to make the life of the drivers ever simpler, more intuitive and essential, increasing the performances. Measurements are defined by solid lines and segmented lines. The solid ones indicate millimeters and the segmented ones indicate half millimeters.

3x6x1.0 (10) – 3x6x1.5 (10) – 3x6x2.0 (10) – 3x6x2.5 (10) – 3x6x3.0 (10)

OFC-SS-36KIT (50)

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