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Brass Smart Shim 3×9

OfficinaRC is synonymous with quality, obsessive attention to details and continuous research. After the reinterpretation of the famous Alu Shim, the time has come to reinterpretate also the Brass one.

Here are the new Brass Smart Shims ladies and gentlemen! OfficinaRC have applied a laser on the side of the Shim in order to immediately recognize its size, saving time and making everything easier.
Now you will no longer have any doubts about which size it is, at a glance you will be able to recognize the fitted size and, above all, you will no longer need a caliper.


The material used, brass, plays a fundamental role, increasing the weight at the lowest point in order to consequently lower the center of gravity and making the car even more stable. The goal of OfficinaRC is to make the life of the drivers ever simpler, more intuitive and essential, increasing the performances.

Measurements are defined by solid lines and segmented lines. The solid ones indicate millimeters and the segmented ones indicate half millimeters. The zig-zag line indicates the 1.75mm one.

OFC-BSS-3910 – 1mm (x8)

0,50 g

OFC-SS-3915 – 1,5mm (x8)

0,72 g

OFC-BSS-39175 – 1,75mm (x8)

0,83 g

OFC-BSS-3920 – 2mm (x8)

0,95 g

OFC-BSS-3925 – 2,5mm (x8)

1,20 g

OFC-BSS-3930 – 3mm (x8)

1,44 g

OFC-BSS-3935 – 3,5mm (x8)

1,66 g

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